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There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. Diets with varying macronutrient compositions can help in supporting different health goals. The ketogenic diet, with its high fat, low carbohydrate, and moderate protein intake is very much in a trend. We believe that the ancient principles of the Mediterranean diet which have been passed on for generations are still the benchmark for the modern healthy diet.  


We support your healthy nutrition plan and use high-quality olive oil, add no sugar but natural detox ingredients. We apply Swiss quality food standards to produce condiments, honey, and tea of outstanding quality.

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Jamailah Grand Cru Organic
Ultra Virgin Olive Oils

We are thrilled to be recognized for the 2nd time at the NYIOOC 2020. Being recognized gives us a sense of accomplishment for the continuous exhaustion put into our effort to constantly striving for the highest quality olive oil.

Jamailah Grand Cru Olive Oils are available for retail in elegant black tins or white clay bottles with an extra dispenser.


Check on our 170 fl.  oz. containers that come with a free clay bottle and a dispenser. Highest quality organic ultra virgin olive oil for a great price. The clay bottle can be refilled.

Organic Gourmet Mustard

Jamailah's Gourmet Mustard is simply fantastic. The versatile whole-grain mustards contain nothing but healthy and natural ingredients. We use 10% extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, honey, and the highest quality apple vinegar to produce this unique product. Choose from  7 tantalizing varieties: Honey & Chili, Honey & Cranberry, Mango & Curry, Garlic, Horseradish, Beer, and the original Dijon. 

Jamailah's organic beer mustard
Jamailah's Cranberry Honey Mustard
Alpine Flower Raw Honey

We collect this high-quality raw honey in a hidden valley in the Swiss Alps. The alpine roses provide extraordinary color and very high in antioxidants. Raw honey is a gift of nature. The more color it contains, the more valuable it is for your health. With raw honey, crystallization is a natural process. If you prefer your honey to be liquid, just leave the closed jar in warm water for a couple of minutes.  

Apple Balsamic Vinegar

100% natural balsamic vinegar made from apple must. The mild aroma from the balsamic, the apples, and it's mild sweetness is a delight for salads, for tasty vinaigrettes, and to pair with cheese. The sweetness is derived from the natural fermentation of the most. 

Fig Balsamic Cream Vinegar

The combination of the balsamic vinegar and the figs creates a unique taste sensation. The creamy consistency and the mild sweetness are derived from the natural fermentation, by aging this balsamico in oak barrels for several years. Pairs great with cheese, roasted pork and chicken, salads, and for deserts. In France and Switzerland, we combine fig balsamico with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Simply delicious and refreshing.

Jamailah's Fig Balsamic Cream Vinegar
Organic Mountain Tea

From the mountains of Greece come this mild spiced tea with a natural hint of lemon. Sideritis cardicia is a robust plant that grows wild on the barren and rocky slopes only in this specific region of the Mediterranean. It is handpicked in Greece and processed in Switzerland.  It is simply delicious when mixed with honey.

Available in cardboxes which contain a stainless steel mesh that fits most mugs. Also available are larger packs for refilling.

Mountain tea with honey
Imported Original Swiss Chocolate

Some of the best chocolate comes from Switzerland. All chocolates sold as "Made in Switzerland" have to be produced with Swiss milk from grass-fed cows. This is a standard of the Swiss Chocolate Association. 

We import a wide selection of Stella chocolates all made in Switzerland. If you are interested in private labeling Swiss chocolate with your brand, please let us know. We provide a wide offering for private label solutions.


Beauty crafted by Nature

Pure Olive Wood

Thanks to it's solid and sturdy surface, no scratches are created when you cut on an olive wood board. This makes olive wood cutting boards very hygienic. Olive wood retains its beauty if you when washed by hand. Simply rub your kitchen item with olive oil, and you will be surprised how wonderful the colors come back to light.


pottery dish

Our dish is made from clay pottery, handpainted with unique designs by Jamailah Switzerland. The clay tableware is dishwasher safe and very robust. Enjoy the handpainted colors of the Mediterranean. 



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Martine conin

Hastag Corp.


We handover Swiss Natural Food Gift boxes to our customers on Christmas. Everybody always looks forward to them. The products are delicious and the gifts beautifully decorated.

Marco Selva


Integration Alpha Corp.

At Christmas, our customers look forward to our corporate gifts. We have given  Swiss Gourmet Food specialties for several years.

The products are very exclusive and fit to our company brand.

Ernst Métry

Rhenus Logistics


The Swiss Natural Food Gift boxes are very appreciated by our customers at all times. We receive a lot of compliments.

Kaspar Bosart


AUDI Sports

We decided to surprise our customers with a high quality organic olive oil from Jamailah for corporate events. A great idea and highly appreciated.



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Meet the team

Meet our team

Our quality will never be compromised. We always perform our due diligence to guarantee food safety, fair trade production, and the protection of the environment. Buy our products with confidence.



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